Yale Publishing Course

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut July 13th to 18th (magazines), and 20th to 25th (books), 2014 In 2010, Yale took over the magazine and book publishing course that Stanford University had hosted for some 30 years. I always looked forward to going to sunny California (especially Palo Alto, where Leland Stanford built the University in memory of his son Leland Jr. Stanford senior certainly knew how to pick the right spot to build!) I lectured there for 28 years. The Yale course is beautifully run by Tina Weiner, who split it up into two intense weeks of lectures: the first week is devoted to magazines (both digital and what’s left of print), and the second week to books in all their various forms. I speak to both groups. Exact dates for my lectures are not finalized yet. http://publishing-course.yale.edu/

Malofiej 21

Malofiej Information Graphics Conference, Pamplona, Spain, March 13-15, 2013 http://www.malofiej21.com/ This is the 21st conference about infographics hosted by the University of Navarra. As far as I know, it’s the only place in the world where information graphics are the sole subject. Great speakers from major publications and internet companies: very intense! John Grimwade and I are making a presentation about a project put together by Javier Errea (the head of SND in Spain, and the tireless organizer of the conference) about things that information designers make, or draw, or photograph, or paint when they aren't hard at work at their day (and usually, night) jobs. It'll be fun. Noted on April 2nd. Well, both John and I agreed that it wasn’t our best presentation. People were nice about it, but I think they were being polite. You know yourself when a lecture hasn’t gone as well as you thought it would. However, there were some terrific presentations at the conference, and Javier should certainly be proud having put together another excellent show. And the food was great.