Crazy Competitions

100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World

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“This book is all about the infinite joie de vivre that cultures across the world can offer. Through humorous infographics, Nigel Holmes reveals how humankind is united by the spirit of good-natured competition.”
— Julius Wiedemann


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Crazy Competitions. 100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World

Nigel Holmes, Julius Wiedemann
Hardcover, 7.5 x 7.5 in., 216 pages

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Whether it’s flinging frozen rats or parading in holly evergreens, racing snails or carrying wives, human beings have long displayed their creativity in wild, odd, and sometimes just wonderful rituals and competitions. To show what lengths we’ll go to uphold our eccentric customs, acclaimed British American graphic designer Nigel Holmes channels his belief in the power of hilarity to bring together a bewilderingly funny tour around the globe in search of incredible events, all dryly explained with brilliant infographics.

You’ll encounter the startling facts behind peat-bog snorkelling in Wales (wet suits recommended), hotdog-swallowing in the USA (tip: avoid breakfast), or who can make a baby cry quickest in Japan. Through this gallimaufry of gamesmanship and passion, an endearingly warm and affectionate portrait of human endeavor and good humor emerges as Holmes proves, page after page, that when it comes to feats of bravery, endurance, or sheer nonsense, the world is united as one in the fine, and often hilarious, way of celebrating culture.